Thursday, July 08, 2010


Drooping Summer Elm is as done as she's going to get until a wire blocking. For now the pins worked a fair job.

Nothing like blocking on motel towels in Merrill, WI, one could say ;-)


Cascade Heritage Handpainted Sock Yarn, color 9824 purchased two camp treks ago in Menominee, MI.
U.S. 6 Addi Lace Turbo
cast on from Montse Stanley...double loop twist cast on
pattern is drooping elm from Barbara Walker

For sense and sensibility I wrote the lace pattern onto an index card and used opaque tape to mark the row currently knitting or next to knit. It's a 10 row pattern with patterning on each row, a knit side and a purl side to pattern.


yarn elf said...

Knew you could do it before camp. Wow the yarn and pattern go well together. You did a nice job.

Mt. Mom said...

Yay, Nancy! Lovely lace. :D
Have a GREAT time at Camp!