Sunday, November 15, 2009

Barrel 1, Nancy 0

Last Sunday when DH still had to rest due to his port being removed and stitches were still 'fresh', I partially emptied the old burn barrel onto the compost pile, turned the pile, added more, then pulled on the barrel to replace it with new barrel. Sigh. The top third snapped off and so did my arm and wrist. The swelling is nearly gone now, still some bruising and I should be able to knit again tonight....a little.

'Meanwhile back at the ranch', the weather has been beautiful and yesterday DH took the leaf blower and cleaned off the back porch (sweeping is a no-no for the wrist) and blew more leaves from the yard into the garden.

First up, Russ is at the back left corner of the fenced portion of the yard.
(Notice blue sky!)

Second, here's DH's close to the garden. (Notice new burn barrel's shadow. Russ whupped the old one into shape for Mother Nature to finish recycling.)

How deep the new leaves are on Russ' boots!

The garden has been lightly tilled for winter by Brian and his trusty Gravely. We'd put homegrown compost, two barrels'-worth of sheep manure on the garden, then leaves two weeks ago and again yesterday. Uh, no, I didn't help yesterday except to take the progress photos.

Here's a cropped photo of the Gravely at work. This is an older, still cast iron Gravely. Heavy? Oh, yeah. Impermeable? Absolutely. Reliable? Always.


yarn elf said...

Such nice weather, I am sure it is being used and enjoyed much while you can. Planning ahead is good and you while see the results when you plant the garden nest spring.

Get to feeling better soon. Need knitting picture to inspire us to keep at out projects.

Linda said...

OK wait - did you break it again? We're going to have to tie you down somewhere to keep you safe!

Nancy said...

No, didn't re-break collarbone bec ause it's broken forever (in 3 pieces). really bad bruise/dislocation/sprain/whatever.

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...
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Joanne said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry to hear you hurt yourself--but good it isn't first I was afraid it was broken.

Thanks for the gorgeous "fall in the northeast" photos! Our leaves are nowhere near that lovely and multihued. I'm also so glad you also had a laugh about our polar bear jokes. We got a bit out of hand we laughed so hard over here..

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Oh, Nancy!
Are you doing better now?