Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Footlet time

November in PA means slipper time and Marilyn Van Keppel's patterns being shared on the SHP KAL are just the slippers!

The KAL gives the option for stranded Scandinavian footlets or solid ones. Marilyn shares that Scandinavians often do not wear shoes in their homes so create these footlets to wear throughout their homes.

Here I'm sharing pictures of one of each. I've posed them in different positions to share that they do, indeed fit! Now, this is amazing considering that shoes and slippers and I have a hard time fitting comfortably. The acrylic ones are good for milder weather, while, the stranded ones are very warm right away. Sounds 'pretty good OK' for this 'grrl' who tends toward cold feet in colder climes.

Details (you do want details, right?):

Solid: Red Heart Soft Yarn (acrylic), Cherry Red

Stranded: Brown Sheep Prairie Silk "Buck" and Paton's SWS "Natural Green"
(Thank you, Yarn Elf!)

Needles: #5 16" circulars, 2 for each footlet;plus, straight #5 and crochet hook size D, tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

The solid ones have three stitches at the beginning of the foot top section while the stranded ones have seven stitches to accommodate the star pattern. The two footlets do fit differently because of this, but only in a good way.

These are welcome additions to my Ugg boots.

Thank you, Marilyn, and SHP for the KAL. Guess I should try out the next footlets, too, right?


EZ Knitter said...

thank u for feed back...thinking christmas project...what size either in inches long our your shoe size does these fit.

yarn elf said...

WOW The SWS sure worked up nice in that pattern. Looks like you spent hours doing color changes. Doubble layer will be nice in the winter. See you have used fall colors.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Hurray for a good fit! :-D

You added *7* stitches when you joined up the foot, eh? I've set aside my 2-color footlets until I finish some shower gifts and the solid footlets for DS. I won't know if they fit until I mail them to him or he comes home for Christmas, whichever comes first.

When I swatched some SWS a while back, I found it fuzzed up quickly. Did this happen to you too? Very different from 220; how did you like stranding those two?