Monday, January 18, 2010

Beth's Afghan

Beth has requested an afghan.

Yes, I agreed to knit it as long as she chooses the pattern and the yarn.

Vanna's Choice in Oatmeal, pattern "Newbury Crossing", both by Lion Brand is what she chose. The panels are knitted with yarn doubled. There are four panels which are then connected.

Clover 8mm, US 11, 24" is the circular needle I'm using. It gives me a bit larger gauge as we want the afghan larger than the pattern suggests.

So far, and what you see is my current swatch, it's knitting well. The yarn is a rayon acrylic so it can be machine washed and dried, which is a preferable trait for an afghan.

Can you believe a little sunshine this afternoon? I grabbed the opportunity to shoot this swatch pic on the kitchen table while a bit of sun brightens this MLK holiday of sadness for the people of Haiti.


yarn elf said...

A nice color that will go with all decor. Should be warm and easy care.

AS always you do a nice job and know you will get it to work like you want. Glad you are feeling better to knit on something

Linda said...

Very pretty. Love that speedy knitting too!

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you Nancy! I can hardly wait for the finished product. It is looking really pretty just like I imagined.