Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Remember the Season

Remember the sheep stocking? Yarn Elf says that stockings come in twos. Being such, Yarn Elf sent Russ a deer mini-stocking he knit for DH. He couldn't find a proper school bus and DH normally sees a lot of deer on his runs. DH is very pleased.

What season is it?

I just couldn't let this fuchsia in the hanging basket from the back porch go this year. So often fuchsias die before the first frost. This hanging plant just keeps blooming, including in the kitchen when it's snowing outside! Unfortunately the amaryllis prefers sending out beautiful leaves to beautiful flowers.

Snow. Grrr. It's been snowing 8 days straight and there's more to come. PITA.


Outrider said...

how can that be - snow for 8 days and more to come when we have had sun and now mid 60's for 8 days and more to come.... must be the latitudes thing....
i liked that stocking when it was IP.

yarn elf said...

Snow, Snow go away, come agian another day mmust be the song you are singing. Seems winter has arrived and does not want to leave. At least you can see the fuchsias and know spring will come one day.

Socks come in two, mittens comes in two, and it seem my stocking are two also, haad to make pairs for the last three years.

Bobbi said...

It's been COLD for 8 days in a row...and now we're going to get snow...YUCK!