Monday, April 05, 2010

Green Sweater Progress

"Fir Green" colored single ply Briggs & Little yarn is a mix of greens, blues and golds just as none of nature's colors is solid, neither is this yarn.

These pics were shot this morning before I cut the two front steeks.

Why the coiless pins? Even working in bright sunlight, I am having a great deal of trouble staying on track while crocheting my 4 steeks. Astigmatism will not win this one, so I put the coiless pins in the gutter between the stitch halves being crocheted. It's really easy now to crochet on either side of the pins and to cut the steeks! The two front steeks have now been cut, ready to be tacked. Sleeve steeks are next.

Speaking of green, here's the back yard this morning reveling in warm sun after its first mowing! Apple, peach and cherry trees are just breaking forth leaf and flower buds. The neighbor's decorative weeping cherry burst into bloom yesterday and smells soooo good!


yarn elf said...

I take it you are happy that spring has come and no more snow.

Sweater looks great and the picture show the heather shade well. Yes much work invovled but the end result makes it so worth it.

Jaya said...

It looks really good Nancy!

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

You found a workable way to keep those steeks in line -- hurray, Nancy! :)

Linda said...


Terri said...

Hi Nancy, I was hoping to see a picture of your finished Green Sweater. Your WIP looks terrific with the backdrop of your garden.