Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clee-op, clee-op, clee-op

go my tennies in the dryer as I begin to catch up on the last month's activities!

Ravelympics ended with the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics. That happened when we were starting our trek. Although I wasn't able to even begin to compete in my third event, the flyingcamelspin (spinning), I did win three awards! This first one was a very big surprise as it is an award for being a co-captain of the team SHPknitters!

Ah, the giantslalomghan event medal is for finishing Beth's afghan. We delivered it to her in person! She really loved it. She also thought that her son might just borrow it permanently for his apartment! Haven't heard if the afghan is still outside Austin or in College Station. Grin.

WIP's (Works In Progress) Dancing Ravelympics award comes with my completing a BSJ for charity. Knitting the collar onto it was a new technique for me. This little sweater just looks so much more 'finished' with its collar. Since this was knit in February, our record-breaking snowiest month, the colors came through in fine form to cheer me through that horrible weather mess.

These shots are the finished items that won the Ravelympics medals!

I miss being able to watch good television (the Olympics) every night rather than the 'entertainment' decided by network executives or the news and weather (also too much NBC entertainment) channels.

On Saturday, February 27th at 9:30 AM after seeing that the roads were finally clear because of a dry slot between storms overnight AND despite 14" on the level spots and mountainous drifts/plowed snow, Russ asked if we could be ready to go by 2 PM instead of 8 AM on Sunday? We still had to grocery shop for critter goodies, finish laundry, finish packing, catch the sitter up on things due to this kind of weather....

But the prognostications were 1-3 more inches of snow Saturday. The last two storms of 24" and 8" started out being predicted at 1-3".

Oh. My.

We left at 1:50 PM. On the road again only as far as Columbus; but, that's far enough to get out of the worst of this particular storm!


yarn elf said...

Still think the afghan needs to make a stop for show and tell in Willcox. Grin

Much deserved rewards, maybe soon you will get to spin your yarn.

April shorly here and they are once again talking snow for AZ. Shaking head

Glad you escaped for a short time

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

Congratulations on the finishing and medals, Nancy! (Maybe silly, but it does feel good, doesn't it! I know I love mine.)