Monday, March 22, 2010

Sun-day, indeed

It was the first day of Spring. 72 degrees here in Cooperdale. Warm, clear skies brought out the Spring flowers in abundance!'

Crocus spread their cheer as the lilac leaf buds burst forth.

The 'early' daffodils bought last Fall opened first this day against the foundation.

Russ rototilled three rows of the garden where I planted white Swiss chard, sugar snap peas and carrots. Never have I been able to plant garden rows this early!

Russ was so pleased to be able to work in the garage this day.

Real thoughts of Spring included checking the oil in the mower, blowing off winter porch grunge with the leaf blower and working at the garage work bench.

We are so happy with this wonderful weather turn since three weeks ago there were 6 foot snow piles, 14 inches of snow and more snow on the way!

I haven't forgotten about sharing our wonderful trip.

The Green Sweater is growing!


yarn elf said...

Spring Finally Smile So happy for you. The first flowers of spring are always so special and I take it the green sweater is growing also like the green of spring.

Glad DH is getting to enjoy spring also, though it means more work

CraftyGryphon said...

Oooooo... pretty flowers... and wow, Russ has his tools organized. My husband keeps hoping the Garage Elves will someday visit and organize all our stuff.

(And I'm scared to think of how many FOs will happen during what's sure to be the Dale of Norway Whistler Saga over here!)