Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Paddy's Day & 3417 miles

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Although some of my heritage is Irish, it's the orange Irish, rather than the green Irish. This year we are so grateful to be seeing green that we are celebrating Mother Nature wearing her green!

Look! The Green Sweater is lying on green grass! After all that snow, green grass has been highly anticipated. The Green Sweater has also been highly anticipated. Last night I swatched for it and it is coming out on gauge with a #6 Kollage square needle purchased in OKC at Gourmet Yarn Co.

Yesterday some of the maples started budding out, too!!! And today a rock iris is sharing the love.

Also at Gourmet Yarn with Russ, Linda and Jim, I bought a skein of Plymouth Yarn's Fantasy Naturale, 100% mercerized cotton. I finished a dishcloth in it in the Waterfall pattern p. 159 of Barbara Walker's blue Treasury. The cloth is light, cheery, Spring-like. It's the feeling we've needed along with bright sunshine, blue skies and today's 60 degree temperatures.

As a hint for what's to come as I'll blog about our trip of 3417 miles, here's a friend of mine who lives near Jacksonville, Alabama. Can you believe those huge eyes and long eyelashes on this cria?


yarn elf said...

Spring, You hsve been waiting long for it to arrive. Must be smiles on your faces.

So how are the square needles?

Such nice projects for a green day.

You did not by chance bring home one of those cuddle creatures did you?

Penny said...

Which yarn are you doing yours out of? I see a lot of Green Sweaters at Camp this year?!