Saturday, February 27, 2010


Beth's afghan is finished! Just in time for its Ravelympics slalomghan event.

The weather is still yucky, but no snow yet this morning.


yarn elf said...

WOW It did turn out nice, love the color and such nice work. If Beth does not want I put my bid it now.

Yes such nasty weather all month and in many places. Some have had, as you have had, more snow than several winters combine.

Outrider said...

ah, but remember the experts are insisting this is the warmest winter in recorded history !
yes, indeedy, muy bonita afghan.

Anonymous said...

That afghan is gorgeous -- it looks so lush and cozy! Love the color, love the cables. Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

BEE-UTIFUL! Gosh you work fast! I love it - Beth

P.S. Sorry yarn elf this one's a keeper :)