Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Gold Medal BSJ

A medal for Team SHPknitters has been awarded in the Ravelympics to BSJ Spring ;-) by fibernating.

The finished baby surprise jacket is knit in Spring colors, which happens by pure chance to mirror the colors of Vancouver. And the six buttons on yarn and pinned to the BSJ? There are five buttonholes on each side. The recipient can decide on which side to place 5 buttons with an extra included for that elusive lost button which always seems to occur!

Here is the Ravelympics medal in the WIPsdancing event.

The official ravthlete award is here shown.

And here is the list of those of us on the podium at this time.

EVENT: WIPs-Dancing

Please show your love to Ravthletes who have conquered their WIPs and transformed them into FOs!

HannahMathews Team Spatchcock 2 projects
Amigurple Team Knitural Selection
Plim Team Bitchcake
Kittenlion Team Seattle
Emmalein Team Germany 2 projects
insanKnitty Team Ravenclaw 3 projects
Derae Team True Blood
Racheltim Team Copper Boom
KnittinKat Team Wool-Aid
himawari Team Germany
shinyredtype Team Yarntopia NYC
tsukuyomi Team Germany
allicat Team Editors 2 projects
haramis Team Yarn Snobs
2gr8kids Team Happy
inoxia Team SKT
hamstergal Team PANTS
2muchfun Team Yarn Hos Herding Cats
MLO Team Bitchcake
Sojournknitter Team WIP
Eevu Team Finland
yvonnep Team Pootje Over
Skookumgirl Team Michigan
berry149 Team Dodge Creations
sunrisedawn Team NoDak
orangeeener Team Tufty
loique Team Tufty
eyre Team Drool
beautyredefined Team Michigan
uncknitter Team Stashdown
knit2grow Team Afghans for Afghans
lovesmore Team Smart Ass Yarn Ho
shawn4equality Team Bundles Of Joy
fibernating Team Schoolhouse Press Knitters
Katri63 Team Starmore Knitdown
Grandy Team Madness in Progress
zanahoria12 Team Slytherins
Voxless Team Bad Knit Girls
JenDuzS0ks Team Rubberhoars
Littlemisssensible Team Ravelpaws 3 projects
thatdarnkt Team 4815162342
frenchiekisses Team Ooh Shiny!
kcknitter84 Team WIP
Plim Team Bitchcake
yarnvista Team Welcome
MamaMoo13 Team WIP
skookumgirl Team Michigan
Debibo Team Sweet Stitchin’ Betties
springd Team UFO
Momo3Reds Team USA
FurmanKnitter08 Team ESK
Shellygirl Team Big Damn Heroes
velmalikevelvet Team COLORBOMBers

Please accept this lovely bouquet of snowdrops from the knit-clad Bobettes and crochet-covered Bobdudes.

Thank you, Ravelry! This is fun. I'm happy to add this to the other BSJ which will be donated to charity.


yarn elf said...

Way to go. The first of many medals to come I am sure.

Some one will be lucky to recieve such a nice handmade gift. Did turn out nice.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

You're on Team SHPknitters? I'm playing with Team MasterSeekers, at least with my Level 3 stuff. If I add an EZ/MS design to my Olympics queue, perhaps I'll join you over there. : )
So much fun!