Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cable-y goodness

Afghan strips, not joined, are here laid on a cedar chest to show patterning and progress. The photo shows just partial strips, plus 5 out of the 6 I'm knitting. I'm on strip #6. When the two balls for 6 have been knit, then will add onto each strip from other balls, join and wash. They're acrylic so won't be blocked per se. These are also all 'bunched up', not nearly their finished size.

Hey Beth, it's coming along!

Today it's 40 with a lot of sun. Yeah! Melting is happening and we are so grateful to see sun and for the melting so some of the weight is off the roofs and gutters. Too many stories of collapsed roofs with so much snow weight are in the news.


yarn elf said...

I agree sunshine is nice to have,and I am sure you have not seen as much as you would like lately.

Yes, the afghan is coming along nice. Looks good and will be a warm one. Do like the color.

Cheryl Brunette said...

Very pretty . . . both the sun and the afghan strips.

EZ Knitter said...

beatiful...but being on the lazy side and dreading all weaving or SEWING...i think i would have made A Knitter's Choice..and knit it in one.