Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The green hint

from yesterday's post is...The Green Sweater.

This story and the desire for the pattern and newly found original yarn then the newly dyed matching yarn spread through the knitting world faster than fast! "twist collective", the online knitting magazine,told The Tale of the Green Sweater from two perspectives, that of the recipient of the original green sweater who was gifted it by her godmother, Elizabeth Zimmermann; plus, the story of the green sweater's recreation by Sunday Holm. There was so much interest that Sunday did work up the pattern for publication as a SHP pattern. The original yarn/kit was sold out in literally minutes from the time Michelle announced its availability along with the pattern. Such a response!

In this picture you can see the pattern and the original single ply Briggs&Little fir yarn. Because it is single ply and could torque, it is suggested by the mill that the yarn be rewound into center pull balls and let sit for a couple days. What's that little green sweater? It's a chalkware green sweater with a "Knit On" pendant that I found in Smicksburg several years ago. Now how appropriate is that?

There were other wonderful fibery presents this Christmas, too! Three books, gift certificates to World Wide Hobbies in Willcox from Yarn Vixen and Yarn Rat, some terra cotta and fun fur yarns for a rolled brim hat, two more three drawer containers to organize yarn! All are wonderful and will be seen later on.

...Guess I should get going on that turkey-filled turkey gravy and baking powder biscuits for dinner....


Linda said...

I got the pattern but am going to use some wine colored Kimmet Kroft I got a couple of years ago. Want to finish a couple of other things before I start, but boy....I'm ready!!

yarn elf said...

A project to chase the winter blues away and green for the summer girl to think warmer weather ahead. I think you made a Christmas haul of things to keep you busy for a month or two. Will be looking for post to see how it progresses.

Outrider said...

All the excitement should result in a Green Sweater seating section at camp this summer.