Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's beginning

to look a lot like Christmas, at least in the house.

Later this week snow is once again predicted, this time to stick. Hasn't yet, so we'll see how the prognosticators make out this time!

Outside there are two dandelions blooming, the bee balm continues as does my happy little bluebonnet that's been blooming continuously since August!

It was a busy weekend with lots of Christmas shopping, all the Thanksgiving goodies, house decorating. Presents are to be wrapped and the only ones due in now are the SHP ones Russ called about to pay for yesterday. Shipping has been very quick so far this season. Still have Russ' stocking to finish buying for and a couple other things. Need to get Tawny's present and make Nikki's 2009 catnip mouse. Oh...then all the cards to write, too!

And the turkey? Tonight's menu is turkey in turkey gravy over biscuits.


yarn elf said...

I take it the barrel did not slow you down much. Sounds like Chistmas has begun in you house.It is nice to get things done and out of the way early. MAybe more knit time in the future. Maybe sit, knit, and watch it snow is in the future?

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

A new catnip mouse every year? What a neat tradition, Nancy!

Glad to hear your hand/wrist/arm are doing better! Take care.