Sunday, April 05, 2009

Care packages are just the best!

Wouldja (sic) jes (sic) look at this?

This was what arrived on the front porch by the front door on Friday!

Six skeins of Paton's Rumor yarn, colorway "Spanish Heather"!

It's made in Turkey and finished in Canada. (What does that mean? It's what the label 'says'....) Made of 84% alpaca, 15% alpaca and 1% polyester, this should make up into a really warm vest or maybe vest and hat and scarf, or all kinds of possibilities!

And, yes, the "Piecework" magazine was in the box, too.

That's some kind of Yarn Elf, I tell you!

Thank-you, kind sir.

1 comment:

yarn elf said...

The red is so we can find you in the snow, the green is of spring to come. Hope you find somthing to do with the yarn between homework lessons. The magazine is to increase your knowledge