Monday, April 13, 2009

Finally, on Easter,

I finished the laptop cover!

After two weeks, I would guess it's dry now. Handspun wool does take longer than it seems it would because wool holds moisture content long after it seems to be dry. This is handspun single ply Romney wool. There's a gentle glow inherent to the Romney that yields peace to the spinner and the project created.

The picture shows the laptop enclosed in its cover. (Click to embiggen!)

To finish the cover, I seamed the edges, inserted the (already created old, soft, folded pillowcase) lining I had created, secured the bone button found at Joann's Fabrics in Lower Burrell, and placed two hook and loop tape sections on the side flaps. I'm not real happy with the hook and loop tape. Even though I had lengthened the flap about an inch over the pattern, it really could have been longer. I knit an I-cord loop for the button closure.


Linda said...


Penny said...

Love it....I need to make one.

yarn elf said...

Way up town for looks. A job well done. Should provide a little protection and make those with a lap top inspired.

Joanne said...

Looks great!

I suspect the reason why it takes so long to dry is that handspun is more dense than machine spun yarn. So, there is more wool and less air in a strand of handspun yarn...and, as you mentioned, wool absorbs and holds water very effectively! This is, btw, the case for all handspun yarn, no matter how light and lofty. Apparently a commercial spinner can just produce a yarn with more air and less wool because of the fundamental differences between us and machines; we'd have a hard time matching the machine's ability to produce lofty yarn. (plus, less wool per strand saves woollen mills money)

Outrider said...

The Romney is always a wonderful handspun and shows off excellently w/this project. amazed that the singles didn't cant off with the knitting.