Thursday, April 09, 2009

RTB continues

Yesterday morning the Round-The-Bend had reached this point.

I spread her out beneath some daffodils on the pond's edge.

At this point, RTB was just turning the last bend. Throughout yesterday, that bend was traveled as was the shoulder 'seamed' and the sleeve grafted.

I just could not stop here before working on another project;so, the second sleeve, and therefore second half, of the RTB has begun. RTB will not suffer SSS, Second Sleeve Syndrome. I am going to work on my MHK I a bit and that persistent Fire Sock, but RTB definitely has my attention now.


Linda said...

I wore my RTB yesterday. Thinking I'll make another one out of wool one of these days. It's a great design!

yarn elf said...

Wow What a nice project and I do love the way it is coming out. Will be nice and warm for those cool spring nights. At least you have not gone RTB yet.

EZ Knitter said...

Looking good...hang in there...when it is done you will be so happy how if looks and fit...and then you will start to think of the NEXT ONE...u can do number 2 while i work on number 3...another KAL....NEXT YEAR... lol

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

It's hard sometimes to keep motivated with garter, as it can be the black hole of knitting.

Looks great though.

Thanks for the tip on the end toe stitches. Will try that on the next toe of Sam.