Friday, April 03, 2009

Yard update

is here, as promised!

The 'volunteer' honeysuckle that is wrapped into the rose bush because the honeysuckle emerged from a root that remained from a honeysuckle taken out decades ago is leafing well. The rose bush is coming along, too.

I really don't know what this wildflower is. Any ideas? It reminds me of pepper weed that was so prevalent out west; I can't bear to dig it out since it's the first spring flower along with the dandylion. It's mixed into sections of this side lawn.

A white daffodil with pale yellow center has survived the Winter and is gradually lifting skyward to soak in yesterday's 70 degrees.

Isn't it a glorious sky? Not a cloud. And, look at those apple tree leaves and flower buds.

White daffodils with medium yellow centers and hyacinths are doing particularly well this year.

I took all these pictures yesterday, knowing today's rain would be arriving overnight. It's 56 degrees...warmer than many places to our west. This front is bringing cold, freezes in the South and possible snow (only flurries, I hope)here. A wind advisory is posted for the rest of today.

Coming up: Level I mini-swatches and today's arrival of a Yarn Elf care package!!!

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yarn elf said...

Do like the way spring is coming to your area. I am sure you as well as many in the area are not impressed with the promise of more snow. Such nice color and grren for the back drop.