Monday, March 30, 2009

It's blocking

NASCAR watching is just excellent for knitting.

The knitting part of the laptop cover was a fait accompli during NASCAR yesterday. It's been washed and is blocking on the back bed.

Light for photo taking is bad this morning with the total overcast and snow/sleet glare off the tin roof. About 11 last night we had a period of rain/snow/sleet which did accumulate on roofs and a skiff in the yard. DH says that halfway up the Blair Farm hill there is solid snow, beneath that is just skiffs....certainly tells one where the snow level is! We used to see that all the time on the San Juan Mountains in Colorado and on the Chiricahua Mountains and Mt. Graham in southeastern Arizona. It doesn't happen very often here in our part of southwestern Pennsylvania. Roads were just wet early this morning, dry now. It's 37; so, frozen precipitation is melting.

Later last night I picked up the second sock of the Fire Sox pair that I had finished the first one of during our vacation. Knit about 18 rows on the leg. It is being knit cuff down on size 0 double points.

Other projects are whispering in loud stage whispers that they've been on the needles longer and it's their turns, not Fire Sox' turn. Projects ready to cast on are talking. Yarn in cedar chests and containers are talking. It's a veritable cacophony.


yarn elf said...

WOW Such a s nice job and one lucky computer to have such a nice cover.

Yes, I always hear the projects complaining about my slow pace. And there will be no discussion about how many UFO or new projects that I would love to begin. So many patterns so little time.

Linda said...

You're making me want to knit a lappy cover too....