Wednesday, March 18, 2009


has always been a friendly place for me, all the trips through it and a visit over 30 years ago to attend a wedding and the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Wow, has the museum ever grown since that early visit!

This sculpture, "The End of the Trail" is probably the most well known sculpture in the museum. Taken from this angle, it isn't quite as familiar as the next shot --

here is a more familiar angle to most everyone.

And the Puma!

The puma always amazes me. It defines sleek power and grace.

Of all the paintings in the museum being on exhibit right now, I loved the 1993 prizewinner...unfortunately they had no more of the 1993 booklets, nor was I permitted to take a picture of it as it is in one of the areas photos are prohibited.

A beautiful day we had with Linda and Jim. I just had to take a picture of them by the bronze outside the entrance. And do you see who else is peeking through the bronze vignette? It's the Russelluphagus!!

Right by the statue is another vignette...another of my favorites.

After continuing on to GYC (Gourmet Yarn Co.) --Hi, Margaret and David and Katy!-- we had a wonderful dinner at Leticia's Mexican restaurant. From there we brought home chorizo and tamales which are fabulous. The chorizo is even better than Sonny's, which we thought we'd never say!

Ah, we were tired getting back to Linda and Jim's (spending all day from breakfast through dinner seeing some of the best OK has to give, yes, including Shepler's), but the gang was so happy to see us, particularly their Momma! Linda was attempting to perform her therapy exercises, but all 'that vicious pit bull' Brandi and Rhett wanted to do was to help her and to be loved.

Thank you for the wonderful time and for the cold pack/container for the food and the laptop fan and the ferrying and fun and most of all, your friendship. See you at 2.75!

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yarn elf said...

GG What an exciting time it must have been. Good friends, good times and a yarn shop experience. Things to make a vacation a special one.