Monday, March 23, 2009


in the wonderful but cool sunshine, we're making progress.

The laptop cover from Michael delVecchio (via Ravelry and "Canadian Living"

for me rather than Michael's book) is now back to the forefront.

Last Friday Lesson 3 of the TKGA Basics course was posted to Lexington, KY, so Arenda should have received it today. (...and, I should have results by about this coming Saturday. I can hardly wait!) I really enjoyed working on the course. Russ is encouraging me to go ahead with the Master's program.
Enabling DH, he is. I want to wait until I get Lesson 3 back. (But, will I be able to wait? Will I? Will I?)

We have flowers blooming!
First up are a few of the giant white crocus.

Rock Iris!

Just today, the very first daffodils have opened. I love daffodils and will be happy to share the various narcissus I have planted here over the next few weeks.

Yesterday this hummingbird feeder went up on the back porch. It's the one that is on the lamppost in the summer; but, with the current weather, I look out the kitchen door more than toward the lamppost, so want to see the hummers as soon as they arrive! There's a migration map that is updated daily on a great hummingbird site. The hummers are up to the Virginia border, so it probably won't be long until the first scout arrives. The ancient wisdom is that the hummingbirds arrive with the forsythia, wild currents and daffodils blooming.


yarn elf said...

Could you send some green grass and flowers to dry dusty Arizona. There are a few spring flowers in bloom, but it looks so nice in your pictures. Hummingbirds can be found in several places (Portal and SV are big spots) close by and do see a few here.

Terry Sailingknitter said...

Congratulations on completing the TKGA Basics course (I saw your post on Rav, but it wouldn't let me add a comment).

I'm currently working on the Masters Level I - hope to have it finished up soon. There's a Yahoo! group that's not very active - but the Rav group is great.

Love the crocus!
Terry Sailingknitter