Monday, March 16, 2009

Food and Museums and knitting

Back to Austin where Beth made breaded catfish strips and a gigantic salad one night that led us to bringing home a ziplock of the yummy coating. You can bet that the very next catfish we get will be fileted and cut into strips then coated with this breading before being lightly fried.

After leaving Austin on a day that was to be around 80, we headed north. Not to Alaska, but to Oklahoma City. There we were met by Jim and Squeek, shortly thereafter greeting Rhett and Brandi, who were really hoping their Momma would be following shortly.

Linda had to work late this particular day. As she said, she'd been on this job since July 1 and this was her first late day. But, you can't help what equipment does when it takes a mind to.

Here is Linda knitting on her BPT with help from 'the viscious pit bull' Brandi. Look carefully....Brandi fades right into the upholstery!

Rhett was very comfortable with all his people home and dog-loving company. So comfortable was he that he took a good long nap on his pillow cushion. A flash doesn't bother sweet boy at all...he likes to star in blogs.

And Squeek...who could be a sibling to our Nikki....really doesn't care to be photogenic. But Squeek loves to investigate whatever is going on and who is doing what where and when!

Linda surely was glad she had gotten the white chili chicken ready the night before and only had to get the Orange Tapioca Delight ready when she got home. I did say food, right? {We didn't even have to Wii for our supper (groan!)}

The next day would see us at the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum of Western Heritage, Sheplers (we'd thought about the Cherokee Trading Post in El Reno), Gourmet Yarn Company and Leticia's Mexican food. (There it is again!) Pictures on most of this next post, but just a little yarn pron (sic) before we go...

GYC meant more Cascade 220 that will complement the Cascade 220 from The Knitting Nest and the cutest button that reads "Will knit for coffee."

How appropriate is that for this coffee-loving Swede?

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yarn elf said...

So good to have friends to share vacation time with. Sounds like home away from home is a great place to stop on by. Was the coffee pot on?