Sunday, March 08, 2009

Back in time

We have been going down to the Austin area to visit Beth and her family each February the last few years. This has been such a very cold winter that we really
have needed to warm the very depths of our bones.

The week before we left while I was gathering things together and redding up(Irish slang and a popular phrase in the Pittsburgh area for 'straightening up') the house and such, Tawny and Nikki were particularly attentive to the process. The night before we left, Nikki laid on the couch, backed by my handspun pi shawl of the sheep I've known and loved. Nikki fur on it matches purrfectly!

Of the many years DH spent working radio in Texas, he worked in Waco several years, passing the Texas Ranger Museum four times daily. He never stopped to see it! Now was the time to remedy that situation.
This statue is in front of the museum. You can tell the wind was really blowing that day (as it was during most of our trip). I love how the Texas flag is stretched in the wind and makes it appear that the rider and horse are much more real than cast.

Although we didn't have as much time as we really needed, we did watch the movie and go through many of the exhibits. We were able to find the Texas Ranger who was DH's friend in Athens, Mr. Ben. I never knew him as DH's Texas time was "BN" (before Nancy). We will return again to the museum when we can schedule more time and see the parts we couldn't this visit.

It is evident while visiting the museum why "Walker, Texas Ranger" is broadcast daily through satellite television.


Linda said...

Boy Nikki really does look like Squeek. Or is it the other way around?

yarn elf said...

Yes, another time of enjoyment and will be something to look foward to, another museum visit.. I am sure you were welcomed home by those ledft behind