Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where's the brown?

It's not the 67 degree day we had when the green grass and my pansies were awakening last week. But then, there aren't 92 mph winds, either.

The snow came back this week in 'nuisance snows' and rotten roads and big huge flakes in a blizzard format for 15 minutes. Then below zero windchills. The average temps this time of year are 40 and 28. True to form this season, we're feeling below average temps for extended periods. Whining is prevalent.

This shot was taken about 10 minutes ago. A beautiful, windless, cloudless morning. Sun certainly helps the mood... I'm dreaming of warmth.

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yarn elf said...

I quess you can hope spring is only a few weeks away. I am sure everyone need a heat adjustemnt for the rest of the winter. Maybe Mother Nature will provide one.