Friday, February 13, 2009

10 Days???

I cannot believe it has been ten days since I've posted! Lots has been happening, along with trying to be patient.

Remember the new TV? Well, it had to be replaced and the new indoor antenna and TV haven't been set up yet. (I'm the one who does that even though he has the radio engineer certificate!)

Along with that technology, my current desktop (Northgate) is suffering and has already been rebuilt three years ago and was manufactured by a company that is out of business. So....we went and bought a HP Pavillion laptop (see above). I'm not fond of twenty gazillion wires, so will be going wireless. The modem came today which has an ethernet cord, but the router hasn't yet arrived. The router was ordered from Windstream the day before they said they'd send me a replacement modem since mine came with only the USB cord and I now need an ethernet cord.

In the meanwhile I've been changing the email address on many things. Windstream bought Alltel's landlines and Alltel internet/email here. The agreement to keep Alltel email addys runs out in May, so it's best to transfer things early. And it seems that it's better to change things now with the old computer than when I'm trying to set up the new programs, even though the Alltel mail still will be delivered to the Windstream Inbox until May 15th.

Then the update on the sox...a few more rows done.

And the RTB? Here's as far as I've gotten. Thought I'd also share my white poinsettia blooming now. The baby's 5 years old! RTB was coming along beautifully until the BBB Lesson#2 came. I haven't touched it since. The lesson and the socks have been getting more attention.

Let's see...we had a 67 degree day, the snow is all gone, it's back to 38, I'm fighting a sinus infection, applied to 2.75 and I drove a day.

Glad the weekend's almost here --- Happy St. Valentine's Day!


Linda said...

Oh yeah - we won't even talk sinuses. It was 66 or so this afternoon and is 37 now. At least it's not tornadoes.

yarn elf said...

I see the RTB is making progress along with sock.
A new tool to learn all about. New things add spice to life.