Friday, February 20, 2009


At 2.75 in 2007, "W" was the top vote getter in 'The Devil Wears Zimmermann' segment. Linda knit that fabulous sweater you see on W here, a pattern directly out of EZ's work. Several of us have been passing W around and adding to his character.

Last summer W said that he felt that his heart was in a noose. Voila! Here is W with his black and bleeding heart in a noose. The heart is Red Heart Jeweltones and a Burgandy sport weight. The noose is a crochet chain of indeterminable origin, for which I learned via the internet how to tie a hangman's noose.

W goes home to Linda March 3rd...

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yarn elf said...

What an intresting project and I see he is still getting miles put on. Some people can get creative if they are required to.