Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Varmint said What???

Yesterday was the weather holiday of the year. Phil lied because of all the media lights. It was heavily overcast on Gobbler's Knob yesterday.

The snow has really melted, and the birds and squirrels are grateful for additional food appearing. Yesterday the big grey squirrel was running on maple limbs chasing three cawing crows. Usurpers! Today the snow is so compacted that both Tawny and I can walk on top of it, leaving barely a print.

It's a month of holidays. We started out with one heck of a Super Bowl game. Harrison's runback touchdown was amazing, especially for Harrison, a running back. And that touchdown 18 seconds to the end! Whew! The victory parade is at noon today. Hope has borne fruit. St. Brigid's Day was yesterday, also. Tomorrow is Registration Day! Presidents' Day is later in the month, the 16th this year. I still consider the holiday "presidents'" day rather than "president's" day since we combined Lincoln and Washington's birthdays (the 12th and the 22nd, respectively) and often throw in other presidents, too, such as on History Channel and PBS specials.

This morning before the milky clouds thickened, the promise of outdoor lit knitting projects is fulfilled.

I know you don't believe that there is still a Round-the-Bend jacket, but there is! I worked on this beauty some yesterday. I much prefer my turns on this short row sequence than the wraps and turns by the sleeve. The wrap and turn area does need some reinforcement, so I am leaving the unsatisfactory W&Ts to be strengthened and beautified in the finishing stage.

The Heart and Sole Fire Sox have grown a bit since the last post. The color is better here on my monitor than the Barbar pictures of Saturday were. Think warmth, tomorrow's high is predicted to be 18. (Shakes head.)


yarn elf said...

I do like your color way on the RTB. It should warm when done.
The socks should be a bright spot in those cold/ snow days. I do like your design you are creating.

Maybe instead of rain rain go away it should be snow and cold snow and cold go away.

Penny said...

That reminds me I need to get my Round the Bend out and finish it. I'd like to have it done this year for Camp! See, I am thinkin positive on two things, one I'll get in, two, I'll get it done!