Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the new Laptop

we have a blog post!

Thanks to Karen, I was able to download my pictures without installing a program --- she indicated to me on Ravelry that Vista has a digital picture program installed. Sure enough, the laptop immediately recognized the driver and then the camera. Downloading pics was more complicated. But only because I had to do it in an alternative method. Thank you Karen!

This first picture is the goodies spread out for BBB Lesson #2. I just have to write up the answers for the questions. I have all my notes ready for transcription.

And just what is on the keyboard? It is an Aran Laptop Cover, pattern by Michael del Vecchio. I copied from the link on Ravelry for the reprint in Canadian Living magazine.

The stats: 24" Boye circular size 9, but really the equivalent of an 8.5 if there were such a thing. Yarn is some of my single ply handspun Romney. Originally I spun a lot of single ply to weave into a blanket. Never was able to get that set up in Cochise, so I have a lot of thickly spun single ply. Such pretty shiny Romney.

So far, this is really fun to knit.


EZ Knitter said...

teehee that's ME

Bobbi said...

Thanks for the reminder about the laptop cover...it's an oldie but a goodie that I didn't have in my Ravelry queue.

yarn elf said...

Another project. It is amazing what can be made. A lucky computer to get a covering of your nice hand spun yarn.

I seeyou are sailing along on homework also.