Monday, July 06, 2009

Catching up a bit

I apologize for not coming to visit with you the last several weeks.

One of Russ' projects was painting the back porch railing. It's so bright and sparkly now!

The partial house renovation continues with the living room being in process now. The photos show furniture in the middle of the room. The ceiling is finished now. Also, the first coat is on the walls. Yes, this green is GONE! Before we left for Camp, the furniture has been placed back against the walls so that there is support for the weight. The last day Painter Don was there (Saturday), he and I had two battles, the second the worst. Hopefully he will return to work on our return with a better attitude. (He was almost successful in slipping out early without finishing that first coat on Saturday.) Hopefully his boombox will stay at home. That music is fine for an hour, but not daily for 6 weeks. Drives me crazy.

Maybe we'll look for some new living room curtains on our way around the mid west!?

Another of Russ' projects was cleaning and repainting the aluminum stove hood. Wow, does it ever look good! Really, it has helped the kitchen so much! And, another kitchen project Russ worked on....yes, another... is that he refinished the kitchen table top. The kitchen is smiling.

Nikki is smiling with all his things in the powder room. This means he has the run of the house all the time while we are gone.

Tawny is Not smiling. When he saw me bring down the suitcase on Saturday, he cried, ran around in circles, and cried some more. Dawn will take good care of Tawny and Nikki, so they will be just fine.

We're in Wisconsin Dells tonight. Russ wanted me to experience some of the Wisconsin River by boat. We did the Lower Dells one hour tour this afternoon. It was such gorgeous weather, we just had to do it today rather than tomorrow. I did take pictures, but they are on a 35mm film, not the digital.


Penny said...

Can I borrow Russ when we start the renovation on our house?

Have a safe trip, see you in a couple of days!

Bobbi said...


yarn elf said...

Enjoy your time away. Nice to smell clean air and see something besides painting mess. It is staring to look like a new home.