Monday, July 20, 2009

It really is July and time for 2.75!

"Good Morning, Campers!" "Good Morning, Cristie" is what we've been waiting to hear and to respond to for 51.5 weeks!

2.75 has begun here in the classroom at the Holiday Inn in Marshfield, Wisconsin with Meg and Cristie ready for the campers' salute, announcements, questions.

Camp officially began Thursday about 3 PM when check in officially starts along with Michael calling us by name and remembering those details from prior years that amaze us all. It was a bit scenic on Central Ave. as it is totally torn up and being repaved, but thanks to an email warning from Michelle and excellent signage, the trek from Hudson's to the Holiday Inn was smooth. It is just wonderful to walk into a convention center lobby and called by name. Then are the hugs with other campers who arrive the same time we do.

Thursday night is the lasagna dinner with all of us so excited. The room is overflowing with excitement. And then, we get to dash into the classroom to claim our seats and!

Friday morning finds most of us gathering at Lloie's Kitchen table for breakfast. Breaking the fast it is. Lloie has the best little restaurant, great waitresses and an excellent cookbook published by SHP.

I'd say the empty chair between Russ and Linda's Jim is waiting for you to join us; but, in reality, that's my chair! Colleen had her daughter and husband with her this year as they are college shopping. Daughter is an excellent model of show-and-tell, a great crocheter and knitter, too.

The Kitchen Table always has beautiful flowers out front. With Marshfield reworking its pavement, it is also creating new sidewalks and permanent flower beds between streets and sidewalks. I was not the only one to love the landscaping. Murals are still a landmark on the KT. We love them every year.

Now it's time for some Show and Tell and workshops!

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yarn elf said...

Sounds like a good time to me.To have a group where all share, get along, and have something in common is special now days. Time well spent in leaning and refining your skills and making or expanding your social skills is time never lost or wasted.