Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What I'm doing on my summer vacation....

Gee, do you remember going back to school and having to write about what you did on your summer vacation?

The morning we left the Wisconsin Dells, we ate at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty. We hear there's another one in Minoqua, as well. We did have an excellent Paul Bunyan experience and recommend this establishment.

We had a good visit with daughter Robyn and her sister Jonnee and others in Wausau.

I'd seen Beth's patterns on Ravelry and I've checked out her yarn store online. Since we were going through Wausau this morning, I wanted to stop. Of course, Russ drove right to it. Wausau was one of his young man haunts. Black Purl is a really nice little shop with friendly knitters (of course). We hope to meet Beth the next time we visit.

We visited with some of Russ' lifelong friends early this afternoon and then went over to niece Marta's. Then went to her son's soccer game this evening, followed by a really fun dinner with Brother Bill.

Tomorrow: Marshfield, here we come!

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yarn elf said...

SO glad you are having fun and spending familty time along with the exploring of the area. Yes Knit Camp is coming a good way to end the week.