Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gee, let's go back to the Dells

I know I'd said we'd go on to Marshfield now, but since I'd gotten the CD from Walgreens in Marshfield (Wal-Mart's machine was still catching up on orders the three days it was down) of the Lower Dells boat trip we took, I'd like to share a few of them.

There are tours by Wisconsin Duck (the land/water vehicle so successful in WW II), jet boat, or two level tour boat. We took the latter on the Lower Dells tour.
Tours start near the hydroelectric plant, a dam that was built in 1909 and is still operational.
(All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Would you think that a tour boat would be able to go through these formations? Watch your answer, as it might just be part of the tour!

Remember last year when Lake Delton broke through its side and the world watched houses collapsing? This shot shows how the area into the Wisconsin River has been repaired but the immediate area has been changed forever.

What might be between these two? Only mosquitoes and other creatures? There might be a sweetheart couple stealing a kiss! The 'tunnel' is seen for only a brief second and a half while passing by, so I was pleased the shutter cooperated.

Trees can grow out of rocks. Here is the proof!

I'd been a little hesitant about a boat tour because I don't have boat experience. One time on the Party Liner in Pittsburgh, a tour on the Potomac, once on Sonny Shores' bass boat, a dinner cruise on the Willow Flowage --- these do not account for a lot of on-water experience. All the tour material stated that reservations were highly suggested. When we got to the window, thinking of touring the next day, the next tour in five minutes was available! It was such a beautiful day that we snapped up the opportunity. Our boat wasn't even half full. Another year might find us on the Upper Dells tour; or, even on a Duck. There were many cars parked on Wisconsin Dells' streets, but tourists weren't buying and the amusement rides that were running were nearly empty.

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yarn elf said...

WOW What an unsual place to visit. Wonder if the weather reports have something to do with the few people out and about. Some of the rocks formations might reminde you of Arizona.