Friday, August 28, 2009

Another home improvement

happened today.

Four of our windows have broken cords. This window at the foot of the stairs by the front door is the one Allen chose to teach Russ how to change the cord.

Of course, first Russ had to find cotton clothesline. It had to be cotton because a knot has to be tied in the window cord and a nail put through it between the pulley and the window weight. It took three stops to find cotton clothesline. Nylon is popular and much more expensive these days. Family Dollar had 100 ft. packages for $3.00 each.

Then Allen discovered that the cord was broken on both sides. And he discovered that one of the sash pieces that hold the windows in (of which there are four) had been installed incorrectly the last time the cords were changed decades ago.

After all was installed, the left cord was too long. It only took about three minutes to fix that problem, though.

And Allen asked for a trashcan! And cleaned up the mess! Russ was the one to say that that was a first this summer!

We heart Allen!!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it so nice to have these things fixed and you feel so accomplished? I have a good honey-do list started. Like a cupboard door that fell off and we have found the special hinges that the original owner used are no longer available. Aaaacccckkkk! Sounds like work!

yarn elf said...

Never to old to learn something new. To be able to do things for one's self is good. To find someone who picks up his own mess is a find indeed.