Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shall we get back to knitting

while The Voice is mowing?

Before we left for Wisconsin, I had gotten three projects ready to knit upon during the trip and camp.
One was Russ' socks on two circulars, which is Joyce's KAL and yarn provided by Gwen for him. One was more complicated, the Drooping Elm stole.(It was happily humbling to share that stretchy cast on used here in answer to a camp question. By the way, it's in Montse Stanley, page 60!) And this one, which is WG #79, the 50th Anniversary issue, is the yoke pullover. I've chosen to knit this in J&S 2 ply jumperweight, background color 1A, ecru. Since the sweater is knit from the bottom up, there's one heck of a lot of ecru before the color patterning. I have the body knit up to where it joins with the sleeves. Sleeve#1 is in progress. It really is great for knitting in the craziness this summer has been and in the car and yet again at camp.

In the garden I'd gotten 6 White Ghost eggplant starts. There have been 3 little guys and lots of eggplant flowers loving the warm weather we had for 10 days. That's the whole of summer so far...10 days. Have you heard of white eggplant? I first saw them on Anne Hanson's blog "Knitspot". Anne creates the most wonderful knitting patterns she sells in her Knitspot Pattern Store (link is on her blog) and blogs about many of her projects in process. She also blogs about spinning and her garden. She and David have a wonderful garden; then, create beautiful curries and soups and such with its bounty. She doesn't live very far away, only in Canton, but I have yet to meet her.

Today I measured them and felt their skins. What short ruler could I find but a knitter's rule?

One of the eggplants, though short in length, felt as though it might be ready; so, we'll try it for dinner along with a salad of our first tomato (told you we had no summer) and leftovers.

Oh, the car and pickup are being moved back into the garage and driveway. That means mowing is done and it is time to start in on dinner and eggplant preps!

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yarn elf said...

Must find knit time is can make life so much better. Sound like progress on one of three summer projects.

Have not seen white eggplant. hope you enjoy. Seems many are not having much summer this year. Garden produce is one of the joys of summer time.