Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family (Knitting) Time

we find at Meg Swansen's Knitting Camps.

Sometimes we even bring family with us. I'm not the only one to bring my precious cargo.

Sometimes sisters-in-law (Char and Linda) both knit and come to camp together. A best knitting friend from home, Penny, came, too.

Rollie brought her husband Marty.

Linda and Jim came together, too.

The above photos were taken at Royal Tokyo, where even Russ loved the food!

This year Colleen's husband and daughter both came to camp while also visiting colleges. We just loved Wendy knitting on the couch with Meg. (Colleen gave me permission to post this picture.) Eli is enjoying time with Lucy, Meg and Wendy, too, while getting raffle tickets ready.

On Market Day, Tami brought her Pelerine. (Didn't she do a beautiful job?) Zach was proud to be 'man enough to wear it' and show his mother's work to us. Zach, you are indeed. Thank you, Tami, for consent to use this picture.

Al (our generous 2.75 photographer) and wife Leanne come together as knitters, too.

Cathy and Gwen were roomies the first time during their freshman year of college!

And there are more!

Quickly we knitters bond and love each other with a passion often found only in the most closely knit family members. (Pun intended.)We hug and cry and laugh and share and learn from each other.

Learning...we'll see some of the possibilities in the next post.

I do miss 'you guys'.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your trip to camp with it time to sign up yet???
I hate the way they make us sign in...i have no clue what my id is for this....KSKI

yarn elf said...

Yes, it has been nice to see places I do not get to go to. Camp sound and looks intresting as well as the other things that are happening. Maybe some year can go and enjoy. Have you thought of the knitting trips they offer?

Colleen said...

Love your photos...I miss camp. But wait to you all see Wendy's Pansy shawl, out of the fairy hare she insisted she HAD to have, to learn lace, it's coming along nicely!

Anonymous said...

Knitting camp sounds like a little slice of heaven. I don't think anything like this happens near me. Will have to do some research. :-)