Thursday, August 13, 2009


Remember this mess? At least we knew then that the bumps in the dining room walls were original plaster problems and nothing to do with studs or lathe or the adobe in the lathe.

However, this ordeal has been going on since May 15th. The man has no respect for women, customers' instructions, customers' homes or appropriate behavior.

When DIP (Don the Painter -- middle initial left to your imagination) pulled away, I jumped up and down in the living room and yelled, "YES!" Less than a minute later there was a "YEOWLSS" from the stairs where Nikki had come out of hiding and added his pleasure at the departure. DIP had scared Nikki on purpose at the end of the first week and laughed, thinking it funny, though Nikki, Russ and I did not appreciate that behavior in the least.

Now Russ will be finishing some trim, etc. before school starts the 31st. I will be vaccing (once again --- one and a half hours minimum was required every night to make area habitable where DIP had worked and trod that day.)There are other chores like carpet cleaning and trying to undo thousands of dollars of furniture finish damage and sorting and arranging. Russ and I will be working on this together, though, and we are at our best working together.


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Peace again, though will be busy as a beaver for awhile. It will look and feel great once all is done. I am sure you are thankful he is gone.