Sunday, July 20, 2008

At 2.75

we had 4 minutes each for show and tell this year. Partially this was because the camps and the retreats were one half day shorter than the last few years. Everyone was very good in their time allowance. The timer didn't go off once, that I remember! I'm going to show just a representation of the projects. This will be more than one post!

First up, is Amy's show and tell being held by Greg and Michael. Granted, this is not knitted. It's a kitty quilt Amy had started years ago and had completed only one square (and maybe not the entire square...she wasn't quite sure since it had been so long.) Her sister, who visited camp this weekend, finished the quilt and presented to her as a birthday celebration gift! Makes me wish I had a sister!

Next is Lois' beautiful Knit/Purl sweater designed by Joyce Williams, knit in the Armenian technique. Here, Lois is giving the knitter's salute, as we asked, so we can see the pattern up the side and the sleeve. I had not seen the sweater attempted in variegated yarn before, which gives the design an entirely different 'feel'. Although from my distance from the sweater, it did not appear to really be in the Armenian technique, when I enlarged my photo I could see that it is, indeed, Armenian. This is part of the same pattern I used on my Armenian hat last Spring. I did take the hat to show Meg and Joyce. Meg was, of course, pleased to see Armenian work at retreat and Joyce was quite pleased that I had used her patterning.

Didn't Sharon knit Meg's Rose Tunic beautifully? This pattern is in the Land's End special booklet of several years ago. At this time it is no longer available at the retail level. I'd found my copy online several years ago after it was mentioned at Camp 1. Sharon used the same 'cranberry' unspun Icelandic that Meg used on hers in the booklet.

Gwen looks so very happy here in her shawl! It actually isn't blocked yet, but you wouldn't have known. Last year Gwen showed her finally finished sweater that she had been working on for several years because when she ran into a place she wasn't sure of, would stop and bring the sweater back to camp the next year for Amy's assistance! This year she was so pleased to have brought the completed shawl that she had started as a 2.75 project last year.

Today's last example of show and tell is M'Lou's amazing coat and hat set modeled by Maggie. I absolutely love this set. It's just my colors, as I imagine them. But this pattern 'speaks' to me from somewhere in my soul. There's a knowledge of place and time I feel when I see both the set in person and in the picture. M'Lou is the 'queen' of double knitting and her book is due to be published by SHP later this year. It is on M'Lou's book that Joyce was working feverishly during daytime hours, so was available for us only during the evenings. Joyce missed the show and tell, but can see the shots Al took which will be on the CD's he'll be sending us soon.

After the regular daytime sessions, everyone joins in smaller, constantly changing groups to knit and socialize, to knit and learn, to knit and imbibe in favorite snacks and drink. Here is one group of Janine (the Feralknitter), Jaya (Knitsarina), Poppy, Gayle and Greg.

As always, please click on any photograph to enlarge it for more careful viewing.

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