Thursday, July 24, 2008


what's been happening?

Both DH and I are in withdrawal. We both have been asking each other, where were we a week ago? Two weeks ago? Tonight he said he wished we were leaving for camp tomorrow. Now, that's a supportive DH!

My knitting has been on Sock #2 of the STR Firebird socks. I'd finished #1 at 2.75 and started #2 on the way home.

Yesterday during a thunderstorm I ...get this... swatched for my Round-the-Bend jacket. Below is the first part of the swatch on #6 circs. Nope. Continued swatch on #7 and that's the one on which I get gauge. How do I know? Not just my trusty ruler, but this Gauge-o-meter Cathy gifted me with at 2.75! Thank you, works like a charm!

Heck, if I would have started out with a 7, like Meg used, it would have been good to go from the start! However, Meg used a wool that is now unavailable and I'm using Berocco Ultra Alpaca, so just to be safe, I guess I should swatch anyway. Gee, don't know why, that's a dirty 6 letter word around here.

Oh, and at the end of camp I was fairly proud of myself that I hadn't left the room at the end in tears. That ended soon enough hugging Linda good-bye at the checkout desk.


Penny said...

Funny, Char, Linda and I were saying the same things tonight. Two weeks ago, we were settling into Camp. Sigh, I do miss it!

Linda said...

We all miss it!

The RTB isn't that bad to knit, you just need to pay attention. I did mine in a lighter weight rayon blend and it's almost dressy looking.