Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not nearly all

of the pictures I've taken on the trip or at camp are being featured here. There are many more wonderful projects but this may be getting a little trying for some...

Everyone was 'taken' by the mythical beast known as a Dust Bunny. We hope he stays at camp and doesn't follow us home to procreate! This was Gwen's and the green head piece next to it is M'Lou's "wig"...

The owl is Sharon's from Harry Potter. Next to it is Lois' Phoenix -- it resurrects itself as she has resurrected herself this past year.

The unspun Icelandic buns were borrowed from the table and were...can you guess?...utilized in an appropriate anatomical placement.

Lucy's amazing vest was a misunderstanding of the topic, but so creatively accomplished and loved by all.

And here we have my Squonk who cries himself into a puddle (note his eyes) when he is seen by humans in either the brambles (he's knit in bramble stitch) or under the Eastern Hemlock trees (the Hemlock Ring doily/blanket) of Northwestern Pennsylvania.

This year everyone received a prize, regardless of placement in the voting...everyone's a winner.

We also had a raffle the proceeds of which go into the scholarship fund.

And market day...purchases were made, of course!

Thank you Meg, Cristie, Amy, Joyce, Michelle, Eleanor and Tami and fellow retreaters...
Till next year...

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