Monday, July 21, 2008

Part of the flavor

of Meg's Knitting Camps is the wall length of garments used in the publications Meg and her mother wrote. Not all the garments are there each camp, but Meg is happy to bring in any requests campers might have to study a piece not present.

This first picture is one of the two sweaters that appeared in a "Spin Off" magazine story in which Jenny Bakriges spun the yarn and Meg knit a garment from it. There are two sweaters like this on the table, one of pink and this one of blue. I studied the story when it was published, but now I am amazed how much more 'polished' this blue sweater appears with the pin at the neckline.

This is another section of the items on the table. I am particularly fond of the tam in cream, browns and blues and wanted to share it here.

Poppy always shares delightful projects in her show-and-tells with panache. This year her project is the knitted shirt she is wearing. Since I all too well remember the knitted dresses of the 60's I loved but had difficulty wearing because they would show every blimp, irregardless of size, blocking or wear, it amazes me to see a garment like this worn with such grace. (But I shouldn't be surprised, she is graceful at all times it seems, unlike moi.)

And Pat's knitted tablecloth. Such a beauty! Pat knits both by hand and with a knitting machine. All the tops she wears at camp she has knit, most of them by machine, which she calls 'cheating, but quick'!

These are but a few of the many SNT items. There were several shawls, and we received a pattern and another knitter's revision of the pattern. A blue bird of happiness visited as did most anything else imaginable.

On this monitor, one of the four at camp, Meg is showing one of the items that appears in the September "Wool Gathering". I see it coming into a needle near me.

Meg had given us a handout of a Latvian hat she had developed from Lizbeth Upitis' SHP KAL mittens, and from her book, "Latvian Mittens", published by Schoolhouse Press (for link, see above.)
Sarah chose her own colors and knit the hat during camp. She is modeling it here at the Monday brunch table. Sharon is behind her and Mary Jo is in the distance.
The Monday brunch was for those of us who could stay to share a meal before the long goodbyes; for checkout with Michelle, Eleanor and Tami of SHP; and to say "a bientot" (so long until next we meet) to Meg, Amy and Joyce.

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