Monday, October 12, 2009

Hand cover season

Just because it's October, the home of Leif Erikson Day (9th) and Columbus Day (today) and All Hallow's Eve (31st) doesn't mean we'd have to start wearing Winter clothes. Unfortunately, the weather systems are sending us some 'northern exposure' with warmer clothes coming out of all their hidey-holes.

I knit with wool in every season, and this year I actually wore my flannel jacket and handknit wool socks in every month. That really did not thrill this tshirt and shorts lovin' grrl. This week here in Pennsyltucky, it will be time for hand coverings, more layers and socks.

Mystery #8 in the Holiday Mystery Gift-Along Yahoo group is Terry's fingerless mitts/mittens. So far, about 60% is knit on mitt #1. Don't you just love the gansey texture? (Click to embiggen!)


yarn elf said...

At least you have a reson to knit, I need to stay warm. Does not go with the shorts and t-shirt theme though.

Yes the color shows the texture well and can be wore with much.

N. Maria said...

THAT is looking good and I love the way you write....