Thursday, October 01, 2009

My own Colorwork Retreat

This weekend must be the busiest of all for knitting retreats and festivals. The Autumnal Equinox has passed and the Winter Solstice stares us down as snow has been falling in the West.

"Solstice Forest" (WG #79, Yoke Pullover) now has her sleeves joined to body, short rows and stockinette rows approaching yoke, colorwork begun. Then there was the changing of colors last night in the dimly lit hallway out of the Shetland yarn storage drawers. I double checked the choices this morning in the sun (yes, sun!) on the porch yet last night was one of those moments of "must do Now" light bulb ideas. I changed out the warm brown for a mossy green brown mix, reminiscent of our apple tree in Winter.

Colorwork and cables are addictive for me..."just one more row" or "must finish this color/pattern" or "just one more...." It was really difficult to put her up last night after midnight when sleep would be short but dreams would be in color.

"Solstice Forest", colorwork retreat 2009, awaits.


yarn elf said...

Those colors should look good with the ecru base. Yes, color work is neat to see the pattern form and one more time changes the look. Can not wait to see more of the yolk pattern, You did a great job on the body,

Anonymous said...

You do such great work - very pretty.

"Pleasure in the job put perfection in the work" - Aristotle

Love, Beth

Outrider said...

body reminds me of a corriedale yarn... very nice and soft looking. maybe your prettiest 'go' yet.