Saturday, October 10, 2009

It took a week

to reach my mailbox once it crossed the border, but this Jamieson's shetland skein shipment is well worth the wait. This helps add not only to my shetland stash but to the possibilities for future projects. We know from this last sweater (Solstice Forest, WG #79 pullover)that my mind can change frequently and all I need is the palette of with which to work most effectively.

Anne Featonby of Sheeweknits ( has been selling out her inventory and still has some left. I'm happy to be your enabler, in this case! I've linked her blog. Anne is wonderful with whom to work. Thank you, Anne!

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yarn elf said...

Yes the stash most have. Neve know what might come up and need yarn now as I can not wait. Such nice colors.