Saturday, October 03, 2009

Retreat progress

Since Thursday afternoon's photo, the weather turned grey and stormy Friday, yielding much knitting time. This yoke consumed me.
Just to show both sides of the yoke so far, Solstice Forest is by the coleus. I've gone into the second branch with "ivory", a pinkish beige cast to the ecru. In some light the difference between the ecru and the ivory is non-existent. (Click to embiggen.)
Again this morning I dove into the Shetland stash to find additional colors. Looking at them in different lighting conditions is essential since how they mesh with each other and yoke colors is very different in various light sources. Under fluorescent, incandescent, natural Northern light (the perfect artist's light), sun on the white picnic table, dappled sunlight -- all yield the nuances of the Shetland colors and how they play against and with each other.
All the coiless pins separate the 15 stitch repeats. And the SS Badger charm? It indicates the beginning of each row and our ferry ride across Lake Michigan several summers ago.


yarn elf said...

WOW Great progress and do like the colors so far. Yes light is not light and it does affect the colors in different ways. Colors have tones that can make them blend or not. You have done a great job so far.

Deborah (aka Mt. Mom) said...

That is a very interesting brown, indeed; eager to see the next bands!

All that work over just 2 days? Lovely! How are your hands? (I find arnica cream helps me keep going, when I get the opportunity for long bouts of knitting.)

Oh, I know what you mean about "just one more...", and about the nuances of yarn colors. I still find selection a bit intimidating, trying to arrange the "perfect" combination when there's more than just 2 or 3, but I do love seeing the patterns unfold.