Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Which season, including knitting?

Last week a high of 39 and today? 70. The ladybugs are out and about. In droves. Toadstools/mushrooms aren't doing badly, either.

Last Sunday we had some company whose 9 year old wondered what the drum carder was? Well, I had to show him how it operates, right? And what did I have to card? Tawny fur! Then, what does one do with a carded batt? Spin it! Dad and son, in particular, were intrigued by the spinning wheel and how it works. Dad was really curious...Mom was interested but gave father and son room to investigate.

Yesterday started out cool but not even any dew was on the grass. DH decided it was a good time to mow 'for the last time this season'. Uh, I don't think so; but, we'll just nod in agreement at the moment.

Today I went with DH for his mammogram. It's been five years since his mastectomy. And when we got home, what greeted us? This Christmas Cactus is blooming!!! It must really like being transplanted into Miracle Gro potting soil and a new pot, plus its new location! This is the absolute earliest I have ever seen a Christmas Cactus bloom. Plus, this one usually is a Valentine's Day bloomer!

While in the waiting room at the hospital today, I knitted 8 rows on my " Summer Drooping Elm" but today also started the SHP KAL of Faroese Footlets, shared by Marilyn vanKeppel. I'm knitting a solid version first and then, hopefully, a stranded version if I can knit these to fit. I have a terrible problem with footsies fitting, so let's keep our fingers crossed!


Janine said...

I hope Russ' mammogram results were negative!

yarn elf said...

Sounds like lots going on and all good. Indian Summers are a nice boost to the spirit. Know you can adapt the pattern to work for you. Like the brite color for a warm cozy feeling.

N. Maria said...

I'm sending good vibs to you and Russ.
Your red footsies are really nice looking. What gauge are you getting?
I would like to knit the stranded version, too.
In friendship,
Maria H in WA