Monday, December 22, 2008

Alpaca Mittens Are Good.

Do you remember the alpaca stranded mittens from Halloween 2007? This morning is a layered alpaca morning. Wind chill is -21. Yes, Minus 21. The school district finally called with a two hour delay at 5:17 AM. Pittsburgh Public Schools had a two hour delay, then changed it to being closed. That doesn't happen very often.

Just one of the smaller divided light panels in a bedroom window this morning shows how cold it is. In the same bedroom, the east facing window is totally frosted over.

And, wanna read something amazing? It's to be 50 on Wednesday, Christmas Eve. (Shakes head and heads off toward the coffee pot.)

We are grateful for water and power and strong truck batteries.


Linda said...

Bbbrrrr!!! Hope the big guy stays nice and bundled. You too.

yarn elf said...

Time to stay warm with those nice hand knits. Yes pently of hot soup, tea, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Think it is time to work on the RBT as it an alpaca/wool and might might a good sweater in that cold.