Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday's Freezings

Being grateful for electric service today and that the school buses had no problems on their own this morning other than other people's accidents, I submit the Winter Wonderland outside the back bedroom window this morning.

We've had ice covered electric and phone lines the last 19 hours. Yesterday's radar lied. It rained then 10 minutes of snow, then hours of rain, then finally an inch of snow settled on top the slush. Roads are pretty well taken care of this morning and DH said that the country roads were even plowed this morning and it was the in-town roads that were nasty. This time of year I dream of citrus groves with their fragrances wafting with the thermals.

What are fellas to do in weather like this? A nap sounds good.

Oh, the guernsey? We're now finishing the second arm opening.

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yarn elf said...

Like the song White Christmas, only in my dreams, I will sit in the sunshine in AZ and write the words. Only AZ is not so sunny today as the next several storms approach, but it is warmer. Nap does sound nice.