Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I finally succumbed. Russ really wanted me to see and photograph how beautiful it is out on his bus route after our storm. (Click to embiggen!)

Ash Road.

Ridge Road.

Ridge Road.

Chesnut Road.

Chesnut Road.

Airport Road.

It is beautiful.

The only road of these that is even half paved is Airport Road. None of these is more than a modern lane and a half wide. Originally these "turkey trails" were Indian trails and wagon trails. They were simply paved over with macadam. DH drives his 72 passenger bus on these roads several times daily. You know that the roads are in much better condition today than they were the last two days. And, yes, what is seen is ice ruts with bits of pavement or dirt showing through.

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yarn elf said...

I see a nap was not taken, but a drive. Yes, very much like Christmas

Much give DH much credit to drive those roads in a bus in the the snow. It speaks of his skill as a bus driver, how lucky the kids/parents are for him.