Monday, December 08, 2008


From "Major Knitter's" blog was a link to "Canadian Living" magazine which had the pattern for these ornaments. They used the pattern with permission from Melanie Falick's Handknit Holidays. Should you get the chance to check out "Canadian Living", it's knit and craft friendly with beautiful photography.

I'm using some of the yarn stash to create these in the smaller size and with much smaller needles than the pattern calls for. They can be knit in any pattern or in a single color or all in stripes or anything one's knitterly heart desires!

I used size 1 double points and a small crochet hook for the ornnament hanger. Crochet hooks are always just 'hanging around' in the gansey pincushion on the oak commode to be used for various knitting projects. Although crocheting is not particularly one of my crafts these days, there are many crochet hooks in the 'tool drawer' from my grandmother's, mother's and my projects throughout the decades.

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yarn elf said...

A guick project that looks nice. I think small projects are nice during this time as it gives us time to sit, relax, and be thankful for the gift that Jesus brought, for family, and those special people in our lives.