Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Nikki Cat

Nikki the knitting guard cat was extremely happy yesterday to employ his talents with the guernsey vest.

He'd been sleeping in another room when I took the initial vest pictures for yesterday's post. But I just had to take another photo to share his talents with everyone!

Then last night I made his Christmas gift, all except for the filling since Nikki was on my lap at the time. This morning I filled the piece of saved-especially-for-catnip-mice pantyhose and finished this year's mouse.

Uh...he smelled the catnip and came downstairs to sit up in his begging position. I let him smell it, but the present went in Nikki's stocking on the fireplace.

And, not to be left out, Tawny was a very good boy this year. Here's his package including two different kinds of treats. He'll enjoy unwrapping it on Christmas morning!


yarn elf said...

It is nice to reward your guard cat as well as Tawny. Christmas should be for all. Giving and thinking should be year around. We all should be thankful that someone is thinking of us.

Terry & Jonesy said...

Love the kitty photos! We actually named our boat after our 19-year old cat Niki Wiki who is now in kitty heaven.
Terry - sailingknitter